In 2019, after years of defeat, proponents of school vouchers used threats, bribery, and shady tactics to ram through a bill that will allow send money intended to fund our public schools to private schools. Vouchers represent both a policy and moral failure, evidenced by decades of data from other states with voucher programs and bipartisan opposition. Still, some Tennessee House members saw an opportunity to make some money for their campaigns by voting for HB 939; the since-toppled Speaker of the House held the vote open for 38 votes and strong-armed weak-willed Rep. Jason Zachary into changing his vote. The final tally was 50-48.

And Save Our Schools PAC was born. Public school parents from across the state have banded together to ensure legislators who have chosen to sell our our schools are held accountable this November – and that those who have stood by our students are supported.

Your contribution to Save Our Schools will be targeted in races where we can have an impact on the result. Every dollar – nobody is getting paid a salary, getting gas money, or even buying office supplies. Please join us in supporting our schools by making a contribution and spreading the word on your social media accounts. The vultures looking to profit off our schools and take advantage of spineless legislators aren’t done yet.